February 19, 2016

1959 Mitsubishi Pet Leo Van by Tomica Limited Vintage

1959 Mitsubishi Pet Leo Van by Tomytec,
Tomica Limited Vintage #LV-60ⓑ.

Since the 30s, you could have crossed on Japanese roads,
some funny small three-wheeled utility vehicle.

The first models manufactured by Mitsubishi leave the factory in 1946,
with the Mizushima XTM1, a stripped version announcing the future Leo.

The Leo appears in 1959 and will be built until 1962.
This utility vehicle had a 309 cc engine developing 12.5 hp,
and could carry 660 lb / 300 kg payload.

I love this "ice-cream" color...

Mitsubishi Leo by Tomytec, official website page here.

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