December 31, 2014

1976 Toyota TownAce Van 1300 Deluxe by Tomica Limited Vintage Neo

 1976 Toyota TownAce Van 1300 Deluxe
by Tomytec,
Tomica Limited Vintage Neo #LV-N96ⓐ.

 This is the High Roof version, more practical.

In the early 80's, my father bought a Toyota LiteAce
from the next generation, who was white like this one.
At this time in France, all owners of this vehicle
were making headlight flashing to greet!
It was and it's always a very special car to me...

 Excerpts from the 1976 original brochure.

More informations on the different versions of
the Toyota LiteAce & TownAce here.

September 12, 2014

September 11, 2014

1942 Dodge WC-57 Command Car by Johnny Lightning

Johnny Lightning • '42 Dodge WC-57 Command Car.
Military Muscle Release 3 • WWII Dodge Command Car.
First appearance in 2004.

 A 1967 Ford Bronco by GreenLight stopped to let passing
the Command Car.

 What? A fireman have stolen the Dodge!!

 General George S. Patton with a french General
after hostilities ended in North Africa,
photographed by the Army Signal Corps.
WTF is for Western Task Force.

A WC-56 during World War II in Normandy, France.

The Dodge WC series on wikipedia.