February 16, 2016

1966 Dodge Charger by M2 Machines

1966 Dodge Charger by M2 Machines,
Detroit-Muscle Release 12.

In the end, with their models, M2 Machines always win.
The proof with this very attractive Charger!

This Turbine Bronze Metallic paint is just out of this world...

"Hey Johnny! What are you waiting for?
I'm fed up with waiting..."

Complete brochure of the 1966 Dodge Charger and many more
are available on Old Car Brochures.

And take your time to visit M2 Machines.


  1. Wow. That second from the last shot. Nice find!

  2. Where can I buy that Turbine Bronze one?
    I would buy 3 of them for sure

    1. Hard to find. Maybe on eBay... It was released in 2010!