February 13, 2016

A scale variation around the Charleston

Here is an example of difference between diecast scales,
around the 1981 Citroën 2CV Charleston.

1/43 is very popular in Europe with many manufacturers.
At different costs, you can also find absolutely all car brands at this scale.

1/148 or British N gauge is much obscure,
reserved for model railway collectors.

Finally 1/64 our favorite scale, that continue to grow worldwide
(for Europe see the upcoming Schuco releases
and a announcement of a new batch of Solido by Kyosho).
Not too big, not too expensive and well detailed...

1/148 by Oxford Diecast,
1/64 by Schuco,
1/43 by Universal Hobbies
(from "Passion Citroën" a french newsstand collection from 2005).

And for the curious, a list of all scales here.

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