September 27, 2015

2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport by GreenLight

2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport
and Enclosed Car Hauler.
Hitch & Tow Serie 1 #32010 by GreenLight. 

Matchless in this cherry red colour.

Since 1981, it's the fourth Dodge Ram's generation.

Under the hood of the Ram 1500:
345 cubic-inch (5.7 L) Hemi V8 395 bhp,
enough power to tow the trailer! 

 The trailer hitch is very well thought!

What's inside this practical hauler?

It's the 1969 Chevrolet® Chevelle™ Malibu from Talladega Nights! 

The wiki Dodge Ram page here.


  1. I really need to get after that Chevelle. I keep forgetting. Great photography as usual!

  2. Oh! Thank you sir!
    And you know what? The Chevelle is the next to come ;)
    I found it in Europe... cheaper than in the US!
    We know nothing about great cars here... Hahaha!!!
    Thank you for the compliment, your blog boost me!

  3. I'm so stupid!!! Its only now that I have known you where sixty four ever diecast Bertrand!! stupid me hahahaha!! :-) great truck you got there! :-)

    1. Oh no, don't say that buddy!!!
      You know the net... it's a jungle, hahaha!!
      And for the truck, oh yeeeees, it's a nice one, especially with the trailer!
      Thank you!!! :D

  4. Incredible Dodge! I love it in red, looks very sweet! *--*

    1. This red is really classy!
      I love the Hitch & Tow Series too much also!! :)