February 26, 2014

1975 Toyota Landcruiser FJ56V by Tomica Limited Vintage

Toyota Landcruiser FJ56V 1975,
Patrol Car from the Japan Public Roads Administration,
Tomica Limited Vintage, 2011 Collection by Tomytec.

Like Kyosho, the other 1/64 Japanese manufacturer,
there's a lot of details on this Tomica miniature.

Some additional details about this vehicle
via the official website of Kyosho...
If you read Japanese fluently, it is here.


  1. Bertrand, I'm hoping to put together a post featuring other collectors' "first Tomica Limited Vintage" purchase. I'm looking for couple of pics of your TLV car & just short note on what got you interested in that model. Please let me know if you would be interested in submitting your first TLV. Thank you!

  2. Oh yes! I'm interested with an unfeigned pleasure!
    But what I have to say about my favorite is not short, hahaha !!
    If you want I can explain where my interest for this model come from with few pictures.
    Ye Olde History!!
    Tell it to me in private. Thank you buddy!!!

  3. Thank you, I'm very glad to hear it. :)

    I'm just looking for pic or two, and while I initially intended to keep it short, couple of collectors I contacted also had lot to say, so it you want to describe what drew you to your first TLV in length, I'd more than welcome it.

    When ready, please submit your post by clicking on my name "a6m5" on there, I have attached my email address to the link. I hope to start working on putting this together maybe this weekend. Thank you very much Bertrand!